Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm a bad blogger

I have a list of blogs I read regularly and for the most part, these gals post regularly...I on the other hand seem to go in spurts. I have the best intentions and then before I get turned around the day is over and the blog has been left untouched.
I really don't have too much to say, but I have been meaning to show you a photo or two of the third bag I had mentioned making when my grand daughters were visiting.
I know you may have seen the first two pictures in the earlier post, but I will post all three again today. The first one was cut according to the directions with the exception of lengthening the strap.

Turned out perfect, or so I thought. However grand daughter #1, (Savannah) didn't like that the bag twisted when put on her shoulder. There is one handle comes up from the center of the bag, so when put on the shoulder it twists to lay against the body. No problem; grand daughter #2 (Alexa) says she doesn't mind that, but she really had her heart set on the bag being made in the fabrics she had chosen. Ok, let's do this again with different fabric...

Success! Alexa is happy with her bag, but we still have the small matter of Savannah's bag. How do I make the same style bag but not have the bag twist. Well, the handle has to come up from the ides of the bag, but that means twisting the body of the bag and therefore having the seam come up the middle front and back of the bag. I wasn't crazy about that idea, but Savannah said,"Nanny, I don't mind." however we didn't have any fabrics that she liked that I was willing to part with...a quick trip to a small local fabric and home decor shop would solve that. Probably a better idea to use a heavier fabric anyway. She picked our her fabric, and then we needed a big red button, just a slight change from the original. That's easy, just add a loop and button.the fabric was $20.00 a meter and I really didn't want to buy any more than needed...ok. 14 x17 (twice)were the numbers going through my head...Savannah says, no, just 14 (twice)...I purchased just what I needed and off we went to make a new bag. I started cutting...14 x 14 plus handles which were the rest of the fabric width. After it was all cut I remembered that the body of the bag was to be 14 x 17. Oh dear, I needed to buy more fabric because the bag was missing 3 " on the width... With a disappointed look, I heard, "It's ok Nan."
Then an idea formed, and I started to run with it... I would add to each of the sides, but that meant 3 seams up the front of the bag now...with the red button as my inspiration, I decided to add a small piece of red piping in the seams, so it looked like those seams were planned, not a afterthought. When it was finished, she loved it, and so did I...

Exhibit C...bag number 3

What do you think..kind of cute eh?
A classic case of, "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade!"

You have seen a glimpse or two of our two oldest grand daughters, but while they were here we took a stroll on the beach and I brought my camera along. I want to share a few of my favourite shots.

It was fun having them visit the "old folks". (a bit trying some days, but I would do it again in a heartbeat)
They used to spend so much time here but as they have gotten older they have so many more things/people pulling them in different directions. I do miss those days, when they were younger and it was a grand adventure to come and vacation at Nanny and Pa's place. Time oh time.....

Time moves in one direction, memory in another.
William Gibson


HollyM said...

Oh Wendy, you may be a bad blogger, but not a bad person, ha, ha!
Actually when you do blog, you make up for it with quantity and quality!
I really love that final bag you came up with. How lucky you grand daughters are! And to have such beautiful pictures to cherish!

JoAnne said...

Your granddaughters are really beautiful! The bag came out sensational, and it looks like you not only pieced, but matched up the pattern of the fabric perfectly! I'm impressed (it is something I would have done.) Don't worry about infrequent posts, it is a happy surprise when your posts come up!

Heather said...

Thank-you for sharing all those photos of the lovely girls.

The red stripes are perfect. I would think that with the handles in the original way, that twist would stop the bag from gaping open and the wearing losing anything out of it. oh well, teens know better than us, as my kids keep reassuring me.

gail.elizabeth said...

I love the bag... Great solution with the red stips.. Really cute.. Your grand daughters are so beautiful.

Linda H said...

You are NOT a bad blogger, just a busy one! Great bags and beautiful girls!

Anonymous said...

I'm a star :) !!! -savannah

Toni Selman said...

Love, love, love the bags! Truly great gifts for the girls!

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