Monday, October 31, 2011

Quilt Show on the Penninsula

This weekend I had the pleasure of spending a good part of my Saturday with friends at a (sort of) local quilt show. It was about an hours drive away and this is a small guild of about 35 members with this being their first show. I know some of the members and they just recently purchased our guild's old display frames. It was a win/win situation. Being a small and relatively new guild they had a limited budget to work with, so they got a good deal and I recovered some storage space in our home. The  show was held at the Inkerman Community Centre. Unfortunately I did not get names of all of the quilters and my photography was a little "off" but I will share a few images from their show.

They had my interest immediately after walking into the foyer! What a lovely welcome...

They even had a Banner! Way to go ladies!

What a charming quilt and a clever use of the dresden plate.

One of the many quilts that were hand quilted; in fact the majority of the quilts were hand quilted.

This little log cabin finishes up at 15" square... so you can imagine how tiny the centres are! The quilter really captured the look of an antique doll quilt with this one. All hand quilted of course.

This is done by the same quilter as above so you get an idea of her range of interests. They are 4 individual quilts depicting the 4 seasons. My favourite was the winter one...I could almost hear the wind blowing. She also did the leaf one pictured below.

Can't you just imagine a young girl cuddled up in this one?

Here is a close up of one block that is part of the quilt pictured below. I am not usually a lover of sampler quilts, but this one was very well done. 

Almost every block on this quilt would challenge the average quilter.

Just take a look at the quilting on this one. I dare say it to a bobbin or two of thread; and this was just the centre part of the quilt!

A lovely scrappy disappearing 9 Patch.

After viewing, shopping and chatting with the quilters we sat for a cup of tea and a cookie and then headed further south along our route. Mr. O had asked me to check on Winterpast on the way home so off we went.
Somewhere along the way we must have taken a wrong turn because before you could blink your eye we were on a country road with no one in site. We decided to stop and check a local sign to see if it might guide us home but no luck...

We decided to sit for awhile and discuss our strategy. Luckily we found a lovely cottage with no one around and we "borrowed" their porch bench for a photo op.

Do we look worried? I think not, however we I do look a bit more double chinned than normal because of the angle of the camera. It was a bit of a laugh trying to set up the auto shoot setting and getting just the right distance/height without having the camera (and photographer) toppling off the verandah.
From there we continued on to a local restaurant to have our supper. All in all a good way to spend a Saturday

***bloggers note: (long story) we were not really lost, we just pretended we were.


Anonymous said...

What a fun day we had - all the more so because it was a last minute date!

Sue W.

Lesley said...

Thanks so much for sharing the pictures! The quilts are amazing and very inspiring! My favorite is the dresden plate! By the way, my camera has the same problem with chins!

Linda H said...

Wendy, thanks SOOO much for posting pics of this show. I would like to have gone, but the timing just did not work for me. With your permission, I will put a link on our Guild Blog for people to see your pics. I hope their first Show went well and they got a good response. Certainly looked great for a first show!!

Glenda said...

Wow!!!! What gorgeous quilts....and the majority of them hand quilted! Awesome!!! Wish I could have made it to their quilt show. Looks like you girls had a great time. That cottage and sign looks familiar......
Thanks for sharing the photos, Wendy!

Claudia LeBlanc said...

Oh Wendy, I wanted to go but I had other plans for Saturday and then Sunday, well, ya know, the weather... Thank you so much for sharing your day with us via your comments and wonderful photos.

HollyM said...

I can't believe I was reminded twice about my camera and still didn't get a photo! Yours are great though. What a fun day!

bArb said...

looks like you had a marvelous day!!! Sew Happy for you! and I just love that little road just might be giving me a few ideas for our show!

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