Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's been awhile...but I've been busy

I have come to the conclusion that I have definitely gotten slower over the years. Not earth shattering news I know, considering I am not 21 anymore. lol that is funny...cause I am so NOT 21 anymore, I can hardly even remember 21! However I have had a pretty decent week. I have gotten to a few jobs around the house that have been dragging for awhile. Nothing very interesting...BUT; one of the jobs I did get to was putting my sewing area back together. Boy does that feel good!

I made a small purchase for myself just before Christmas and it has been sitting in a box just waiting for the right occasion to make it's appearance. Well today is the day. After I got things tidied up I "installed" new lighting in my sewing room. Want to have a peek?

If you click on the picture and enlarge it you may be able to tell that these lights are actually little spools of colored thread. They were just too cute and in the moment I really thought I "needed" them. Of course after I got them home and re-thought things I was not so sure...but I was so happy to be back in my little sewing studio that I figured it called for a celebration so there you have it!

Want to have a look around? There is still more in depth tidying to do, things to sort through, stuff to get rid of, but at least my space is usable again.

This little "gal" sits on my sewing table, and holds some of my tools and pins. She is looking a little "huffy" today for some reason. I am thinking she has still not forgiven me for keeping her down in a messing sewing room alone for so long. She'll get over it though.

This next photo is a shelf on the wall to my right and the baskets on all three shelves hold some of my UFO's. How many you ask? I am not telling, but I will say that I am working away at finishing them.

Part of my "quilty" reading material. Lot's of inspiration and info here.

The quilty letters were a gift from my very talented scrapbooking daughter. Cute eh?

A few quilty gifts from friends and family. The friends pic was taken at our Annual Spring Retreat at Paula's camp...BLISS; pure bliss!

Buttons, buttons and more buttons! so much easier to find when they are color coordinated.

I hope to get this baby off my design wall before much for deadlines.If you enlarge and look real hard to the far left you can see a little peek of some of my fabric stash, but I'll show more tomorrow. Happy stitching my friends!

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